Alumni of the Year

Each year Alumni of the Year is chosen at Mälardalen University. Alumni of the Year is a former student who in various ways have excelled in it's area of interest and is a positive role model for both the university and it's students as for the surrounding community.

Why Alumni of the Year?

Previous students are the Univerity's most important ambassadors. By highlighting people who in various ways have been successful in working life, contributed to society or demonstrated good entrepreneurship we create good role models and inspire current and prospective students. The award also helps to highlight the strengths of a continued relationship with the University through collaboration and alumni engagement.

Previous Alumnis of the Year: Gisele Mwepu, Peter Wallin, Ling Zang and Jesper Bohm.


  • The Alumni of the Year shall have graduated from Mälardalen University
  • The Alumni of the Year shall be a good ambassador for Mälardalen University and contribute towards strengthening the University's trademark.
  • The Alumni of the Year shall have, by their profession or interests, contributed towards the development of the private sector, the public sector or voluntary organisations.
  • The Alumni of the Year shall act as a role model and inspirer for prospective, current and former students, cooperation partners, financiers and the general public.

Who can nominate?

All students, staff, members of boards and committees at the University, as well as members of the MDH Alumni Network are welcome to nominate candidates for the Alumni of the Year award at Mälardalen University. The nomination period ends December 20 and is accessible through this webpage. Click here to nominate.

What does it mean to be Alumni of the Year?

Alumni of the Year is an honorable award, appointed by the University together with companies from both the private and the public sector. Alumni of the Year gets the honor of giving the alumni graduating speech to the graduation students at the ceremony in May. Articles and information about the Alumni of the Year and the alumnus efforts are also spread to students, staff and external stakeholders through the web, social media and other channels.